Second Graders Start Business and Donate to Norwood Promise (Press Release)

A second grade teacher, Stephanie Brown, from Sharpsburg Elementary in Norwood, Ohio, gave an interesting lesson to her students in MayDSC_1181 – how to run a business. “Students are not expected to know the values of money until they are in second grade,” Stephanie explained, “at the beginning of the year, we were looking into how we could make the lessons more interactive. We were thinking maybe they could make something to sell.”

Current Common Core education standards have students transitioning into second grade learn about US currency and how to count money. Lessons range from learning different values of coins and bills to solving word problems regarding money. Stephanie and the class chose to sell beads and bracelets as their way of learning about money – they were also able to acquire money to start the project through the site, a crowdfunding platform used to raise money for classroom projects.

Stephanie and second gradersStephanie applied her lessons on money to concepts of business in her second grade math class. She taught lessons on different areas such as marketing, which her class used to create posters and make announcements throughout the school, and other concepts, like economics and accounting for goods and services. The class of second graders sold their goods to students and staff during recess times, three days a week. For the younger students wanting to buy beads, with parent permission, the second grade students applied what they learned by helping them count money. Within 12 days, the class was able to apply their lessons and make a profit of $200 from their venture.

At the end of the project, Stephanie and her class discussed what to do with the profit and decided to donate it to the Norwood Promise, a non-profit in Greater Cincinnati. “They wanted to have full ownership of the money and agreed that’s what they want to do,” Stephanie continued to elaborate their idea behind giving to the Norwood Promise, “if I continue to do this every year, eventually it will benefit them.”

If you wish to donate to the Promise as well, please check us out at

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