Norwood Schools Fun Facts By Rob Amodio

Norwood School District Superintendent, Rob Amodio, addressed the Norwood Chamber of Commerce recently withs1548 an eloquent speech describing the success of the Norwood School District. With pride, he based his points on a number of facts and achievements the Norwood School District was able to achieve. This is what was said:

Each year for the past six years I have stood at this podium and provided a State of the School speech to everyone with the focus on the fact that we are an Excellent rated district, that we are fiscally conservative stewards of our taxpayers money and that we have the best staff and students in the State of Ohio.  This year I would like to take a different approach.  I find that very often I find myself when talking about the district and starting off a sentence with the words …

“Did You Know”. Therefore this year I have a number of “Did You Know” facts about our amazing school system.

So, Did You Know that ???

  • 52% of all employees of the Norwood City School District are Norwood grads
  • Norwood City Schools are a recipient of the federal GEAR UP Grant. This grant provides over $225,000 per year in scholarship money for all Norwood High School graduates.  Students average over $1,000 of individual scholarship assistance to offset the cost of college tuition
  • The Norwood Promise is a nonprofit foundation with a goal of raising the necessary funds to provide for tuition assistance for Norwood High School graduates. The goal is to pay the cost of tuition for all grads while attending any in state institution of higher learning
  • An average of 82% of Norwood High School graduates attend college, certification programs or enlist in the armed forces
  • Each Norwood City School District student grades 2-12 have access on a daily basis to a personal laptop or Chromebook at no cost to the student. This instructional technology has revolutionized instruction in the classroom moving away from paper and pencil usage to a significant portion of instruction being provided by the teacher AND the use of wireless technology. Students have their own dedicated Gmail account and the majority of assignments are emailed to them on attachments, completed and returned to the teacher all electronically.  This not only serves to provides real world and post graduate level skills application but also serves to reduce district paper costs by over 50%
  • The Norwood City School district is annually rated in the top 10% in the entire State of Ohio in the Value Added Report Card Indicator. This indicator is a measurement of the academic growth of a student for one school year.  We annually are rated in the top 10% of the 614 school districts in the state
  • Did you know that Norwood City Schools annually applies for and is the recipient of over $2,872,255 in state, federal and private grant monies.
  • The Norwood City School district spends 74% of its entire $28 million dollar budget to direct classroom instruction providing a direct benefit and focus on our 2,300 students while the state average is only 66%.
  • Since 2011 the district has lost over $1.1 million in state funding yet have still managed to maintain a balanced budget.
  • The district has asked for and received one tax levy increase in the last 20 years while serving to maintain costs and serve as fiscally conservative stewards of public tax dollars. No district in southwest Ohio has maintained financial sustainability for even a fraction of the time period that our district has without asking for multiple tax increases
  • All district students are provided with a free breakfast each school day and a free lunch throughout the entire summer
  • Over 350 students per season participate in athletics, performing arts such Orchestra, Marching Band, Silhouettes
  • Over 1,000 students participate in our afterschool programming called Avenues for Success. This program is financially supported through grant funds, business partnerships and private donations.
  • Norwood High School has been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top 100 High Schools in the State of Ohio
  • A Norwood High School student who is currently a senior completed 9 semester hours of coursework while attending Harvard University this summer
  • Norwood City School District offers three different pre-school programs. Traditional education, specials needs education and Montessori
  • The district Special Education program has earned the highest rating possible from the Ohio Department of Education each of the last four years
  • Norwood View Elementary has strong business partnerships. Through the Adopt A Class program 6 different companies, led by Norwood based Paycor, have adopted 8 out of the 18 classes in the building.  These volunteers make monthly visits to the classrooms providing tutoring and mentoring services to our students
  • Sharpsburg serves the needs of the countless school families. Sharpsburg houses a mini food pantry.  We provide monthly opportunities for families to participate in a GAME Night while serving dinner to all family members. Our August game night hosted over 200 students and their families.  A portion of our families do not have books at home for their children to read or visit the public library.  The primary staff has created a READBOX.  Families can check out high interest books during student dismissal.  When the books are returned the family is entered into a drawing for a gift card to a local establishment.  In the 10 days the READBox has been up and running we have had 230 books checked out and returned.
  • Norwood Middle School students work in partnership with the US EPA while testing the water in the Mill Creek for nitrates, phosphates and macroinvertebrates. The data collected is used by the EPA and the Mill Creek Restoration Foundation to make decisions concerning placement and upgrades of water retention and rain fall catch basins throughout Hamilton County
  • Williams Elementary students and staff with help from PTA & community leaders formed and created its own Community Garden? At the corner of Elsmere & Williams students planted sprouts in the spring; got to see plants and vegetables grow, pick them and see how the whole process works from plant to plate?  It’s even created Norwood’s own Farmer’s Market on the last Saturday of the month.

These are just a small number of areas that we place great pride in doing as a district.  We firmly believe that a school district is no longer just an educational institution but the hub of our small city.  We believe that our role is not to just educate our children but to provide support to and creating partnerships with our families while challenging our students with a world class education while at the same time infusing real world skill application into the daily lives of our students!

We at Norwood Promise hold immense pride with the Norwood School District. Our mission is to help its graduating students achieve excellence beyond high school and pursue higher education.

If you would like to donate to the Norwood Promise, we encourage you to visit

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  • Thanks for sharing Mr Amodio’s speech. I’ve always known Norwood City Schools were great and this just adds credit to that. I am proud of my city and happy to say that I am a Norwood graduate.

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