Norwood Promise Releases First Scholarship

NorwoodPromiseLogo_Large09Norwood Promise is pleased to announce the Norwood Promise Scholarship Fund. Two individuals, one male and one female from Norwood High School, will be selected to receive $1,000 each to go toward any in-state post-secondary institution. This scholarship will be the first of many to come as Norwood Promise is currently collecting donations to further establish its scholarship fund. In the near future, we can hope to see Norwood Promise covering the costs of in-state tuition for all Norwood High School students and potentially students in Greater Cincinnati as well.


If you are a Norwood High School student, check out our application along with the other requirements and submit to the high school guidance office or via email to with the subject line “Norwood Promise Scholarship – (your first and last name)”.

This should be completed no later than Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 3 pm. Scholarships will be awarded at the annual awards assembly on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 and all recipients will be notified prior to the assembly. Please contact Ken Miracle at 513-406-3432 with any questions or reach us via email at


  •  The student must graduate from Norwood High School and be admitted to attend an in-state post-secondary educational institution. Please submit a copy of your acceptance letter with your application.
  •  The student must submit a resume of his or her education and accomplishments.
  •  The student must have an unweighted cumulative grade point average above 2.5 for the four year high school period. This is based on a 4.0 grading scale.
  •  The student must submit an essay based on one of the following prompts. The essay must contain more than 500 words and less than 1,000 words:
    •  Talk about your top three accomplishments at Norwood High School. What about them made you proud?
    • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Why?
    • Describe what your future dreams or goals are and how college will help you reach them.

About Norwood Promise

Norwood Promise is a 501(C)(3) non- profit organization whose mission is to promote post-secondary education to Norwood City School (NCS) students and help promote economic growth in Norwood. The cost of college can be burdensome. To address this, their promise is that graduating high school students from NCS will be able to continue in higher education without intimidation from the immense cost. Norwood Promise is currently building a fund to eventually cover the cost of tuition for all qualifying NCS students so they may be able to enjoy higher education without being in debt.

Our scholarship application can be downloaded:  2017 Norwood Promise Scholarship

Please visit to download further details. You can donate to the Norwood Promise at


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