Norwood Promise and Monti to Provide Employment to Students

(CINCINNATI, OH) – An education-based non-profit, Norwood Promise, recently partnered with local manufacturing company, Monti, Inc., to help Norwood High School students reach employment and tuition assistance for education. Norwood Promise will be inviting select students from Norwood High School to tour Monti, Inc. and learn about careers in manufacturing and engineering and to learn about the new program.

Monti, Inc. will be offering Norwood High School students a chance to learn about jobs that are in high demand and to expose them to careers in manufacturing. This program will offer select graduating students from Norwood High School internships and entry level positions that include pay, work experience and training, and benefits, such as tuition assistance and careers after college. The program is expected to reoccur each year, offering new students opportunities to learn about and work in manufacturing.

This will be one of the Promise’s first corporate sponsors and one of the first programs of its kind from Monti, Inc. “I see this as direction for the Promise that would work wonderfully for our students,” says Ken Miracle, President and Founder of the Norwood Promise. “Firstly, they get paid and get on the job training and work experience.  I think this could be an excellent opportunity for our students with other Norwood companies as well.”

A study from Forbes identified manufacturing engineers and operations management as some of the most in-demand careers in the US.  “We want to educate students and young people on the opportunities in manufacturing,” explains Molly Fender, Human Resources Manager at Monti, Inc. “When I go to interview, there’s not a lot of young people interested in, or know about, manufacturing… are these high schools preparing students for jobs after graduation? You know, jobs that are in demand right now because in manufacturing we cannot get enough top talent. The labor market just doesn’t allow for it.”

Monti, Inc. will be hosting its first tour and information session for Norwood High School students this Friday, December 9th, at 1:00 pm.


More About Norwood Promise

The Norwood Promise is a commitment to provide each Norwood City School (NCS) graduate with the opportunity to attend post-secondary education with last-dollar scholarships. They wish to be a supplement to additional scholarship opportunities so that every student may have 100% covered tuition. They are currently the first and only Promise organization in Greater Cincinnati and are looking to develop and expand their mission.

Their business model is based on the Kalamazoo Promise – which has shown success in the state of Michigan. $77 million has gone towards first-dollar scholarships to all students in Kalamazoo. The Norwood Promise hopes to replicate their success. Additionally, they are partners with UC Blue Ash and Gear Up Norwood

To learn more about the Promise or to learn how you can help, visit them at They are also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


More About Monti, Inc

For 40 years, Monti Inc. has specialized in manufacturing and fabricating conductors, insulators and steel parts for the electrical industry. They offer a broad selection of products and services, allowing our customers to drastically reduce their vendor base.

Their corporate offices and main manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio specializes in copper, insulation and sheet metal fabrication, die design and build, production stamping and CNC machining. They also have a subsidiary in Sumter, SC that focuses on fabricating insulation and copper bus bars and assembly services. A second subsidiary, in Greenwood, SC., focuses on copper stamping, sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining. There is also a sister company, Wm. F. McGraw, in Riverview, Michigan that manufactures insulation parts for the maintenance, repair and transformer industries. Each of these locations specializes in different services, and in combination, forms a resource unique in the industry.

Monti’s Capabilities/Facilities from Monti Incorporated on Vimeo.

To learn more about Monti, visit them at They are also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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