Norwood Promise Awards Its First Scholarship to Norwood Seniors (Press Release)

An education-based non-profit in Hamilton County made great strides after awarding their first scholarship to two local seniors. Norwood High School, in partnership with the Norwood Scholarship Foundation, hosts an annual scholarship ceremony to celebrate their students and formally award them for their achievement. Today was their annual scholarship ceremony for the graduating class of 2016.

Norwood Promise sat among various scholarship foundations for the first time to support the students at Norwood 13221579_1008333412581467_6385220551496261360_nHigh School and awarded the Norwood Promise Scholarship. The two lucky recipients were Kenneth Taylor Fogus and Katelynn Miracle – both of which will be attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall. Each received a scholarship to cover $1,000 worth of tuition in addition to other awards.

The Promise does not wish to stop there. “We hope this to be the beginning of many years of being able to assist Norwood graduates in fulfilling their dream of obtaining a college diploma,” says Ken Miracle, the organization’s founder and Executive Director. The Promise is modeled after the success of Kalamazoo Promise after it was founded in 2005. Since then, numerous Promise organizations have sprouted and government programs were initiated to support students in their pursuit of higher education.

The Norwood Promise is currently establishing an endowment to support last-dollar supplemental scholarships to cover tuition for high school students. Their goal is to reach $2.5 million by the end of 2017. With an endowment of $2.5 million, they can provide supplemental last-dollar scholarships to all qualifying students pursuing higher education in Norwood and expand. “We recognize that student debt has seriously intimidated students from pursuing higher education,” says Michael Howard, the Promise’s marketing and development director as well as a business student at the University of Cincinnati. “We sincerely believe that a community that not only encourages higher education, but will help cover the cost of tuition will immensely improve economic development.”  

More About Norwood Promise

The Norwood Promise is a commitment to provide each Norwood City School (NCS) graduate with the opportunity to attend post-secondary education with last-dollar scholarships. They wish to be a supplement to additional scholarship opportunities so that every student may have 100% covered tuition. They are currently the first and only Promise organization in Greater Cincinnati and are looking to develop and expand their mission.

Their business model is based on the Kalamazoo Promise – which has shown success in the state of Michigan. $77 million has gone towards first-dollar scholarships to all students in Kalamazoo. The Norwood Promise hopes to replicate their success. Additionally, they are partners with UC Blue Ash and Gear Up Norwood

To learn more about the Promise or to learn how you can help, visit them at They are also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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