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About Norwood Promise


To foster commitment and advancement of education, academic achievement, community economic vitality and quality of life.


To expand our promise of debt-free college to Cincinnati and beyond.


  • Life-long earning and skilled employees
  • Home ownership, tax-base, economic outlook
  • Voting participation, community service, and leadership
  • Decrease

  • Drop-out rates and dependency on government assistance
  • Crime – resulting in safer neighborhoods
  • The Promise Journey

    The Norwood Promise is a scholarship fund specifically for Norwood High School seniors. We are here to benefit long-term enrolled students in Norwood City Schools so that they may pursue a future through post-secondary education (including trade schools, private universities, vocational schools, etc.). With many jobs demanding a background in higher education, soaring student debt, and rising dropout rates, many students are being intimidated from pursuing necessary steps for a sound career.

    The Norwood Promise is a last-dollar scholarship fund. This means we fund on top of scholarships already awarded to students. We are not competitive with other funds and support additional programming at Norwood to provide students of all ages a robust educational experience. Our goal is that all students graduating from Norwood will receive 100% of their tuition so they may pursue their future. We see this as an opportunity for increased residency in Norwood, higher property values, higher quality education, and higher income. Organizations, such as the Pittsburgh Promise, have seen income levels rise by 10%, graduation levels rise over 15% and see over $80 million go to students for a brighter future.

    • of every 100 high schoolers in Ohio

      70 will graduate from high school

    • 40 of that 70

      will enroll immediately in college

    • 20 of the 100 total

      will graduate from college

    • 69% of all college students

      will leave or graduate college with an average of $30,000 in debt each

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    Our Team

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    Ken Miracle

    Ken is a founding member and President of the Norwood Promise and a proud Norwood High School and University of Cincinnati alumnus. He is currently serving his 3rd term on the Norwood City School Board of Education and has been Purchasing Manager at Monti for the past 21 years.
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    Linda Brim

    Vice President
    Linda is a Norwood native and has worked in the community with organizations including, Norwood Service League, Norwood Business and Professional Women’s Club, Norwood Christmas Town, and many others. She serves Norwood Promise as a Director on the Board.
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    Judy Dause

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    Michael Howard

    Director, Marketing and Development
    Michael is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati student, entrepreneur, and leads the marketing initiatives with Norwood Promise. Michael also serves as CMO with a start-up tech company and the founder of another in Cincinnati.
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    Jeanne Sickinger

    Jeanne has been a Norwood resident for 16 years and her husband, Steve, is a proud, lifelong resident. They have 3 children- Bryan, Tyler, & Mackenzie. All of them attended Norwood City schools. She is very active in Norwood schools and the city and is proud to call Norwood home.
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    Chris Brown

    Board Member
    Chris has been with Norwood Promise since 2010 as a Director and is raising two children with his wife Aimee. He served Norwood as its Law Director and currently serves Hamilton County as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.
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    Alice Rericha

    Board Member
    Alice is a mother to two Norwood students. She is also their Girl Scout leader and is involved in many organizations in Norwood. She enjoys being in the Norwood Business and Professional Women’s Club, Parent Advocates with Children’s Hospital and others in addition to Norwood Promise.
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    Brent Leon

    Mission Support
    Brent has been involved with the Norwood Promise since 2014 and balances time between his family and small business. He also serves as the PTA President and volunteers with the Norwood Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Coalition, St. Lydia’s House, and many others

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